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The Foundation

The purpose of The Foundation workshop series is to offer a set of introductory classes designed to establish a baseline frequency in each participant before progressing into the more advanced and higher frequency teachings of Soul Patterning Harmonics and Accessing Earth Grids.

Each workshop will include a group message from the Galactics on the weekly topic and guided meditation.  Participants will also have the opportunity to ask questions and receive individual messages.

Week 1:  Connecting to the Inner/Higher Realms

In this workshop we will cover:

*Releasing lower frequency individuals and memories

*Dealing with 4D frequencies in the body

*Galactic connections in the DNA

*Expanding the Light Body to create the New Earth

Week 2: Higher Consciousness Healing

In this workshop we will cover:

*The Galactic/Ancestral connection to healing in the present

*The role of Human Bloodlines and Cosmic Ancestry in healing

*How healing facilitates the evolution of ascension

*Expected changes in consciousness as a result of healing

Week 3:  Navigating Change from a Spiritual Perspective

In this workshop we will cover:

*Spiritual purpose for seemingly negative change events

*Frequency impacts of upheaval on physical/non-physical bodies

*Maintaining higher positive frequencies during rapidly changing times

*Remaining harmless to self and others while moving through change

Week 4:  The Love Connection

In this workshop we will cover:

*Love as the secret ingredient to ascension

*Creating the New Earth through Love frequencies

*Establishing a Love connection with the Soul/ Creator/Source

*Expressing and attracting Love from a higher perspective

Zoom Workshop Schedule:

Saturday Jan 13th, 20th, 27th, Feb 3rd

9:30 am - 11:30 am mountain time

Workshops will be recorded for replay

Tuition:  $106 for 4-week Foundation series

     $116 if paying electronically

Payment plans available

You must be on camera to attend


Contact Susan to Enroll


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