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The Foundation

The purpose of The Foundation workshop series is to offer a set of introductory classes designed to establish a baseline frequency in each participant before progressing into the more advanced and higher frequency teachings of Soul Patterning Harmonics and Accessing Earth Grids.


Each workshop will include a group message from the Galactics on the weekly topic and guided meditation.  Participants will also have the opportunity to ask questions and receive individual messages.


Week 1:  Connecting to the Inner/Higher Realms

In this workshop we will cover:

*Releasing lower frequency individuals and memories

*Dealing with 4D frequencies in the body

*Galactic connections in the DNA

*Expanding the Light Body to create the New Earth


Week 2: Higher Consciousness Healing

In this workshop we will cover:

*The Galactic/Ancestral connection to healing in the present

*The role of Human Bloodlines and Cosmic Ancestry in healing

*How healing facilitates the evolution of ascension

*Expected changes in consciousness as a result of healing​


Week 3:  Navigating Change from a Spiritual Perspective

In this workshop we will cover:

*Spiritual purpose for seemingly negative change events

*Frequency impacts of upheaval on physical/non-physical bodies

*Maintaining higher positive frequencies during rapidly changing times

*Remaining harmless to self and others while moving through change​


Week 4:  The Love Connection

In this workshop we will cover:

*Love as the secret ingredient to ascension

*Creating the New Earth through Love frequencies

*Establishing a Love connection with the Soul/ Creator/Source

*Expressing and attracting Love from a higher perspective​


Zoom Workshop Schedule:

Contact Susan for Dates

9:30 am - 11:30 am mountain time

Workshops will be recorded for replay​


Tuition:  $197 for 4-week Foundation series     

$206 if paying electronically

Payment plans available​

You must be on camera to attend 


Contact Susan to Enroll 

K. C., Glendale, AZ

"The Foundations Class is an excellent introductory metaphysical class or terrific review class.  It gets you on a positive thinking path for a calmer, happier life."
"Susan Zummo is a compassionate, attentive, patient instructor"
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