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Soma Pi means "complete physical body encircled," and is an amazing process for living in better health. Used with great success for over 30 years by practitioners all over the country, Soma Pi is both a preventative force and a healing force.

*Soma Pi is a completely unique energy healing method that works quickly and can be administered to self and others to facilitate profound changes in a person's well-being.

*Children and animals especially love Soma Pi healing and receive the benefits of treatment almost immediately

*Soma Pi is easy to administer and even easier to learn than other healing modalities, Soma Pi is a must for updated training. 

Different clients and situations will call for different methods of healing

Everyone will want to have a healing method that uses no equipment and can be immediately applied in any circumstance as the need arises.


~2-day on-site weekend workshops accommodate the busy schedules of class participants

~Hands-on and distant healing practice for self and others provided in class

~Personalized instruction provided for each student

Soma Pi intensive includes video training with Consuella "Connie" Newton, the founder of the Soma Pi healing technique. Connie is a graduate of Morgan State University, with post-graduate work done at Loyola College in Maryland. Connie has been lecturing and teaching in the field of self awareness for the over 50 years. Her success and acclaim as a teacher of higher sense perception has brought her students from across the USA, Europe, Canada, South America and Middle East. She has appeared on radio and television nationally, and is the author of "The ABC’s of Higher Consciousness" and "The Inner Light."

Certification given upon the successful completion of the Soma Pi class.

Soma Pi Class Size: 12 students maximum

Workshop Tuition: $650

ABQ Early Bird Tuition: $550 if paid 3 weeks prior to the class

(includes manual, certification and all training for this amazing healing technique)

Payment Plans Available!

Contact Susan at 757-275-4071 or

» I highly recommend the Soma Pi class to anyone looking for a healing modality. It is an extremely powerful healing system, easy to learn, simple to use and it works every time. I have experienced almost immediate relief from various medical issues. 

Additionally, the people I have used Soma Pi on have been immensely pleased with the results they have experienced. Soma Pi is a wonderful healing modality that is an excellent addition to anyone's life.

        - K.M., Legal Assistant, Hampton, VA

» Just wanted to let you know that since my meeting with K., in which I requested healing from grief - I have been able to perceive situations that previously generated grief, self-pity and bitterness entirely differently. She seems to have given me the ability to see the "bigger picture" and the helping role I am playing in these situations - which generates, of course, the exact opposite emotions!  

Thank you so much for this gift, and please thank K. for me as well.

- P.J., SLP, Virginia Beach, VA

» Soma PI has really helped to tune me into a much needed form of healing energy. I start each morning with turning it on, and have been the only one not affected by the illness shared by others. I have friends that call me daily for sessions and each have been amazed by the rapid function of Soma Pi as compared to other healing modalities. Today alone I was asked by 4 different people for Soma Pi healing specifically.  

The interesting thing about it was that each person needed healing on a different level, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  Each time it addressed very specifically for them what they needed, and I had the joy of watching each of them let go of stress and move into a more enjoyable day.

               - M.B., Yoga Instructor, Silver Spring, MD

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