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About Susan

Susan Zummo is a highly motivated and qualified teacher of higher awareness. Susan originated the ascension energy technique used in her Soul Patterning Harmonics® workshop.  She is a Master Teachers of  Intuition and Higher Consciousness for over 30 years, a Soma Pi healing teacher, Integrated Awareness graduate and a certified Healing Hypnosis practitioner. She is also Reiki master and Interfaith Minister.

With over 30 years experience, Susan teaches students to connect with their Higher Minds through seminars and Soma Pi healing workshops. Helping others progress in their spiritual development has been a lifelong pursuit and the most fulfilling aspect of her work as a teacher, healer and intuitive.

Workshop participants learn to reinforce their belief in self and connection to a higher source. Professionalism and compassion are her trademarks. Clients regard her as one of the most committed and positive spiritual teachers they have had the fortune to meet.

Susan's on-line and in-person workshops focus on a deeper connection to the soul and Creator/Source as we navigate through the Great Shift into 5th Dimension Consciousness. Her private readings bring depth and intuitive insights into each individual's Soul Path and can cover a variety of topics.

Susan currently lives in New Mexico where she teaches in-person and live on-line workshops. Exploring the beauty and culture of the Southwest has become a favorite pursuit since moving to New Mexico.  

Susan Zummo can be contacted via telephone (757-275-4071) 

or email 


» I highly recommend Susan as a teacher, intuitive reader and healer. She is 100% authentic, a true spiritual teacher, and full of integrity. I took the P.A.T. course and am astounded at what information I was able to obtain using the P.A.T. techniques.

Susan is the essence of integrity, humility, knowledge, enlightenment and dedication.. - Susan Sandage, Licensed Acupuncturist, P.A.T. & Soma 

Pi Graduate, VA

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