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Soul Patterning Harmonics®
An Ascension Energy Technique Workshop

What is Soul Patterning Harmonics?


Soul Patterning Harmonics is an 5D ascension energy that will lift your frequency as you harmonize with it.  It is a loving light energy bridge to the Soul. Soul Patterning Harmonics is activated through your Soul Star chakra working with Metatron's cube as a bridge to the Akashic Record.

Soul Patterning Harmonics:  A pathway to 5th Dimension Frequencies


As we move through the ascension process we will have access to even higher dimensions that we can harmonize with and integrate into our being.  Soul Patterning Harmonics rides along the time continuum to and through different dimensions. With practice and skill, we could learn to traverse our Soul Pattern to any dimension compatible with our own frequency. The more light, compassion and love we can embody, the greater will be our ability to experience other places in the galaxy.


Who are the Galactic Beings Facilitating Soul Patterning Harmonics?


Who are these Beings that speak to me and facilitate the energy flow of Soul Patterning Harmonics? I believe they are a group from my galactic soul family in Altair, with the assistance of Pleiadeans supporting the ascension process on this planet. I have always called the Altairans Beings of Light, pillars of pure light. They are very tall, and although I see them as a group, they are an individuated collective with distinct beingness about each one. Sometimes communication feels like it is with a singular being, and at other times, the entire group. They are the ones who gave me Soul Patterning Harmonics in its original transmission years ago. 


Ascension Energy:  the Key to the Great Shift


Everyone on Earth has a vital part to play and a unique talent to help them fulfill their chosen part in this grand and great Shift. Mine is teaching higher consciousness, and Soul Patterning Harmonics is one of my teaching tools. Soul Patterning Harmonics reminds me of home. Maybe that’s why I enjoy connecting to it and sharing it with others so much. I’m motivated to help as many people as possible lay the foundation for their ascension process and progression into the higher dimensions.


In this world, we are conditioned to believe that we are small and helpless. We are taught to compare and judge ourselves against the others we see.  Having an intimate connection to our Higher Self eliminates the need to compete and judge. It frees us to explore the vast wonders we already have within our consciousness. It provides the self-assuredness required to wield our unique gifts in a positive, loving manner. When we embody our true self and our higher frequencies, we truly become the Shift and bring Light into the world. 


Soul Patterning Harmonics® workshops are designed to shift you to a higher frequency to support and accelerate the ascension process for those moving forward through the Great Shift. Working with the Beings of Light, Susan directs Galactic 5D ascension energy to each workshop participant to be utilized in the special techniques taught in the class.

The Beings of Light who work with Soul Patterning Harmonics, along with my Soul family and the Galactics who work with me (along with yours), will direct this workshop based on those who join the class.

In addition to the energy transmission activating your Soul Star chakra, in this class you will:

  • Learn a specific method to connect with your Galactic Consciousness 

  • Use Metatron's cube as the vehicle bridge from your Soul Star to your Akash 

  • Meet and work with the Soul Patterning Harmonics Guide assigned to you

  • Learn how to activate your own energy centers to support your ascension process

  • Learn and practice using the energy for healing self and activating spiritual gifts

  • Practice activating your Soul Star chakra for community and planetary healing

  • Learn and practice distant and in-person healing for others


On-line and In-Person Workshops:

On-line Zoom workshop Date:  August 17, 2024

Time: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm mtn

11:00 am - 5:00 pm eastern

Tuition: $218.00

$227 if paid electronically

Payment plans available

Participants must be on camera to attend

T. A., Albuquerque, NM

"Once I finished the workshop, I found Soul Patterning Harmonics is easy to use for healing yourself.  I tried healing my ancestral line too and they loved it.  The ascension energy not only felt wonderful, but was sent back to me. 
If you have a chance, learn Soul Patterning Harmonics.  It is well worth it!"
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