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Dream Power Radio Interview: Understanding Dreams & Our Emotions

Puzzled by those strange images you have in your dreams? Wondering if that scary nightmare has deeper meanings for you? If so, this is the episode you’ve been waiting for, as we get back to basics in dream analysis.  Susan gives us an overview of dreamwork and dives into many of the things we’re likely to encounter in our nighttime images.

Personal Development Mastery

In this heartfelt discussion, we unraveled the mysteries of discovering one's unique soul purpose and the transformative power of self-love in personal development. Learn how aligning with your soul's purpose can pave the way for a life of fewer obstacles and why challenges faced on this path differ significantly from those encountered when we stray. I know you'll really enjoy this as much as I did.


Mapping the Inner Landscape Interview

Susan explains that intuition is the soul's way of communicating with us and can manifest as thoughts, feelings, or signs. She also explores the concept of soul purpose, highlighting that it often involves learning to love ourselves and others. Susan shares practical tips for expanding consciousness, decoding dreams and symbols, and making every day a blessing.

Famous Interviews with Joe Dimino

In this interview with Joe, we covered a variety of topics designed to support and healthy and joyful life.  

I share tips on manifesting a better world. Intuition and Imagination work together to create our heart's desires.

The KAJ Master Class Live

AJ and I discussed The Soul, Dreams, and the keys to Healing. The questions ranged from relationships to the meaning of life, our purpose and how to interpret all the signs we see in everyday life.

Introduction to Soul Patterning Harmonics(r)

I spoke to Michelle Vidal, owner of Resonant Essentials, about the evolution of Soul Patterning Harmonics,

and how it can be utilized today as an ascension energy for healing and spiritual transformation.

Conversation with Rustie

Rustie and I had this conversation at the onset of the COVID lockdowns.

We discussed ways to cope with the changes we were experiencing and how to maintain a spiritual life during upheaval.

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