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P.A.T. For Families

Perceptive Awareness Technique for Parents and Children/Teens

Perceptive Awareness Technique (P.A.T.) has been taught to adults for over 22 years and is now being made available to children and teens. P.A.T. for families will teach your children how to make connections with their own inner knowing (intuition) to make accurate decisions on a daily basis.

P.A.T. for families is experiential, interactive, and fun!

You and your child/teenager will learn and practice a quick technique to tap connect with the intuition. Specific exercises will be utilized in class to:

• Transform and balance negative emotions

• Resolve conflicts with others harmlessly

• Receive accurate intuitive answers to questions from a spiritual perspective

• Tap into inspiration for creative projects

• Build healthy relationships with others

Tapping into their Higher Awareness allows your Child/Teenager to:

• Determine how best to use their innate gifts to be of benefit to others and the world

• Empower good life choices

• Understand natural and unusual experiences in a positive and self-assured manner

• Create a happy, healthy, and productive life for themselves

• Understand and harness the power of their thoughts and emotions

Spiritually gifted children are our hope for the future. They are sensitive to their environment, the emotions of other and world events. We want to help them become centered and strong within themselves and to their connection to the Source as they move into the future. They are born with skills and abilities that took decades for us to accomplish. They need support and understanding adults in their lives who will not shut them down due to fear and knowledge. Intuition is a natural gift that we all have and now is the time to help our children learn how to work with theirs.

Perceptive Awareness Technique for Families is taught over 4 days in 2-hour segments

Classes available for:

• One parent and one Child ages 9-12 years, and

• One parent and one Teen ages 13 – 18

Course Fee for one parent and one Child/Teen

$325.00 / CEU’s available

Contact Susan for schedule and to enroll:

(757) 275-4071

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