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Susan Zummo

Master Teacher of Higher Consciousness 

Soul Patterning Harmonics®

Soul Patterning Harmonics®

Anyone who travels for a living knows there’s a particular routine that comes with

it. Pack enough for the trip, head home, empty the bags, and then pack for the

next trip removing and adding different items based on the destination and

reason for travel. Business travelers don’t pack the entire house to take with

them. They know they can always go home, and their possessions will be there

waiting for them.

We are no different. Those of us who originated in other planets, stars, and

galaxies came here with only the very essentials needed to live in this world. We couldn’t pack all our

tools or books or any of the materials we may have accumulated and stored at our home. But we did

come to this life with the ability to access everything we were going to need. Every human has a Higher

Self, our soul aspect for direct communication with the higher planes of existence. The Higher Self

embodies your unique blueprint for this life, what I call the Soul Pattern. The Soul Pattern is our link to

the Akashic record because it is a part of the Akashic record.

The Akashic record of each of us contains everything recorded from each lifetime and every experience.

It tells the story of our soul’s journey beginning with our separation from Source to our return to Source;

our own Book of Life. Each Soul Pattern is part of the time continuum streaming through all the

dimensions and densities of the cosmos. We can focus on any place within our own pattern, connect

with the Akashic record, and tap into all the things we left at home before coming on this trip. We can

gain knowledge, tools of healing, universal technology, spiritual gifts, and skills from any aspect of our

greater being. They are all there waiting to be packed up, brought forward, and opened in this time. They

are yours and will work for you to support your purpose for coming into this life, in this now.

Soul Patterning Harmonics is the bridge that will take you to your Soul Pattern and allow direct access to

your Akashic record via your Higher Self. Once the bridge is established, you can cross it at will at any time

and collect whatever you want or need. If you are here to be of benefit to others, you can unlock the

tools and talents within that support your own growth for that purpose. If you are on the ascension path,

Soul Patterning Harmonics will lift your frequency as you harmonize with it. Soul Patterning Harmonics is

5th Dimension ascension energy. It is a loving light energy bridge to the Soul.

What I find interesting is discovering the more I personally evolve and grow, the more aspects of this

gifted energy I am able to access myself and share with others. When I first brought Soul Patterning

energy into this life, I thought it would only be used for manifesting, and specifically for manifesting

healing. I was told it was much more, but I couldn’t conceive of what more it might be. Since I was

concentrating on my healing work at that time, that idea was more than enough for me, and I was

happy to pursue that application of it. However, in this past year, I‘ve come to understand that it is not

just a way to heal self, but to reclaim spiritual gifts and talents that will enhance our life, not just heal

the body. It can be used to open pathways within us and allow different frequencies to help us expand

in new directions, so we can approach this reality from new perspectives.

Even as I write this, I am being told that as we move through the ascension process, there will be access

through the Soul Pattern to even higher dimensions that we can harmonize with and integrate into our

being. It will no longer be necessary to lower our frequency and ground all that we are into this 3 rd

dimension as we become more and more filled with light. They are showing me that Soul Patterning

Harmonics rides along the time continuum to and through different dimensions. With practice and skill,

we could learn to traverse our Soul Pattern to any dimension compatible with our own frequency. The

more light, compassion, and love we can embody, the greater will be our ability to experience other

places in the galaxy.

Who are these Beings that speak to me and facilitate the energy flow of Soul Patterning Harmonics? I

believe they are a group from my galactic family in Altair, with the assistance of Pleiadeans supporting

the ascension process on this planet. I have always called the Altairans Beings of Light, pillars of pure

light with arms, shoulders, and head shapes. They are very tall, and although I see them as a group, they

are an individuated collective with distinct beingness about each one. Sometimes communication feels

like it is with a singular being, and at other times, the entire group. They are the ones who gave me Soul

Patterning Harmonics in its original transmission years ago. During a Soul Patterning Harmonics energy

transfer, the Pleiadeans who work with me lower the cosmic energy frequency to match the individual

or group I’m working with, before directing it to me. In this way, we can be sure that the process is

harmless for each person involved. Of course, each student’s galactic guides, teachers, or family

members will also join us to lend their support, love, and light as they celebrate the lifting of frequency in

each student.

There have been a few times in my life when my Altairan peers have presented themselves to me with a

very direct and solid presence even though they are non-physical. At those times, their reason for

communication is always the same: Remember the mission. You’re not alone. Remember why you are

there. We are here for you. It is then that I see three or four of them shoulder to shoulder in a semi-

circle actively projecting towards me. I feel their urgency and the importance of what we are doing.

Ascension is a big job! I know that I volunteered for this mission and that my family is sending me their

love and encouragement from our galactic home. I know that when I’m finished with this “field trip,”

they will be there to welcome me home and celebrate with me.

Everyone on Earth has a vital part to play and a unique talent to help them fulfill their chosen part in this

grand and great Shift that earth and humanity are undergoing. Mine is teaching higher consciousness, and

Soul Patterning Harmonics is one of my teaching tools. Soul Patterning Harmonics reminds me of home.

Maybe that’s why I enjoy connecting to it and sharing it with others so much. I’m motivated to help as

many people as possible lay the foundation for their ascension process and progression into the higher


In this world, we are conditioned to believe that we are small and helpless. We are taught to compare and judge

ourselves against the others we see. The results are a lack of self-esteem and inflated egos which lead to all kinds of

challenges and difficulties. Having an intimate connection to our Higher Self and access to our own blueprint

eliminates the need to compete and judge. It frees us to explore the vast wonders we already have within our

consciousness. It provides the self-assuredness required to wield our unique gifts in the outer world in a positive,

loving manner. When that happens, everyone benefits. When that happens, everyone benefits. When we embody our true self and our higher frequencies, we truly become the Shift and bring Light into the world.

Soul Patterning Harmonics® workshops are designed to shift you to a higher frequency to support and accelerate

the ascension process for those moving forward through the Great Shift. Working with the Beings of Light, Susan

directs Galactic 5D ascension to each workshop participant to be utilized in the special techniques taught in the


During the workshop, you will learn and practice how to access your own Soul Pattern and use it as a bridge to

your individual Akashic record. From there you’ll be given an easy way to activate the energy within self after the

class ends.

Online and In-Person Workshops:

Workshop length: 3.5 hours

Tuition: $196.00

Contact Susan for Workshop Dates

[email protected]