Teaching people to utilize their intuition and healing abilities to achieve greater success in life.

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Private Consultations

Intuitive Consultations focus on the lessons and blessings we have to work through in order to create a more positive and spiritually-focused life. Whether we focus on past lives or current issues, I prefer to use my time helping those who are genuinely-seeking to dramatically-improve their lives. If you come to the session with an open mind and a willingness to hear and act upon the information provided, you will get the most benefit from your consultation.
All Consultations are strictly confidential, and run 60-minutes or 90-minutes (depending on your needs). Sessions are recorded to allow you to listen at a later time. 
Phone sessions are also available. 
60-minutes = $100
90-minutes = $145

Hypnosis Progressions 
Do you want to 'see' what's ahead for you, and experience the new energies coming into this year and beyond?  Progression hypnosis gives you an opportunity to do just that! You'll have a first-hand experience of change, which helps bring that "new way of being" into your present. 

Sessions run approximately 2.5-hours, with Guided Visualization lasting approximately 90-minutes, and Debriefing approximately 30-minutes. 

Please come to this session with a clear, open mind, and desire to co-create change in your life.

Fee: $235

Please note that telephone sessions are not available for this service.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy
These powerful sessions facilitate deep awareness within self, and profound healing. Lasting between 2 - 3 hours, the session starts with an interview in which we review any questions you have, and touch on present-life health issues.  The Guided Visualization lasts approximately 90-minutes, with follow-up Debriefing taking up to 30-minutes.

Please come prepared with any and all questions you have about your health, relationships and current life circumstances.

Fee: $235.

Kindly note that telephone sessions for this service are not available.

Energy Healing Treatments 
Energy Healing Treatments may include (but are not limited) to the Soma Pi Accelerated Energy Healing Technique, Sound Healing with voice, tuning forks,Tibetan bowls, bells and crystals. 

Reiki Treatments are also available with Susan, a Reiki Master teacher and practitioner since 1992.

Sessions last approximately 60-minutes.

Absentee Healing sessions for this service are available.

Fee: $90.

On-Line Lectures & Workshops
Susan Zummo is available to conduct captivating lectures and informative workshops that can run from 2-hours to one full-day on various, interesting topics, such as dealing with our changing times, applied intuition, motivating self and others, manifesting, dream interpretation, past lives, healing, etc. Susan's lectures and workshops are quite lively, interesting, and experiential, leaving participants with a wealth of practical information they can immediately apply to improve their lives.

Fees for Lectures & Workshops vary, depending upon length of time, and number of students participating. 

A reduced fee structure is gratefully offered to spiritual organizations and worthy charities.

Radio Appearances
Throughout her long career, Susan Zummo has appeared on numerous radio and television programs across the country to share her teaching of intuition and healing with others, proving to be a popular favorite of listeners and viewers.
Chuck Doud is the highly-acclaimed and respected morning show host at Point Radio in Norfolk, Virginia. Here's his reaction to Susan Zummo's on-air reading for him:

 http://www.susanzummo.com/Chuck's testimonial.wma


Some dream symbols interpreted by Susan at a Morning Point Radio appearance:

Losing teeth: 

http://www.susanzummo.com/Dream 1.wma

Snakes and their spiritual meaning:

http://www.susanzummo.com/Dream 2.wma

Relationship dreams:

http://www.susanzummo.com/Dream 2.wma

Visits from deceased family/friends:

http://www.susanzummo.com/Dream 5.wma

Being chased in dreams:

http://www.susanzummo.com/Dreams 3.wma



 » Receiving a reading with Susan was for me incredibly life energizing.  I felt safe, respected, valued and empowered throughout the reading and thereafter.

 She provided me with a follow up plan of action and simple exercises to practice to strengthen me and support me on my healing journey. 

I have had many intuitive readings from readers around the globe and Susan ranks right up there with the best of them.            

I recommend her to anyone looking for direction, clarity and support in finding their way through this thing called life.

                                                     - E.S., Virginia Beach, VA