Susan Zummo

Intuition Facilitator

P.A.T. On-Line Training


Perceptive Awareness Technique is a process specifically designed for this time period.  It connects you to your own intuition and provides a framework to access accurate and immediate information to make right choices in every aspect of your daily life.

P.A.T. On-Line Training provides each student with a comfortable rapid technique that will focus and guide them to connect and trust their natural intuitive abilities.  

On-line training reduces time away from work and family, and costs associated with travel and hotel expenses.   Classes are limited to 5 students to ensure individualized instruction.

Students will be taught:          

  • How to be more productive and positive in decision making
  • How to enhance higher consciousness in self
  • How to use the intuition to interpret symbolic information
  • Rapid meditative procedure for relaxation
  • Concentration skills for accuracy
  • The importance of breath and focusing for accessing intuitive skills 

On-Line Training Segments:

Segment #1:                  

  • The language of intuition
  • Eliminating the fears to success
  • Exercises and practice to improve concentration skills
  • Video instruction
  • The P.A.T. Procedure for rapid intuitive information

Segment #2:

  • Exercises and practice to improve visualization (inner sight)
  • Determining your natural intuitive strengths
  • Exercise and practice accessing information from sound (inner hearing)
  • Focused breathing method for rapid relaxation to employ the intuition
  • The Photon Exchange

Segment #3:

  • Learn a short meditation skill for accessing intuitive information
  • Interpreting the Language of Intuition
  • Understanding Intuition and Frequencies
  • Using intuition for symbolic dream interpretation
  • The role intuition plays in healing
  • Practice using the P.A.T. Technique with classmates

Segment #4:

  • Interpreting dream symbols with the intuition to navigate change
  • Understanding the different cycles we live in
  • Self-assessment of intuitive abilities
  • Using the intuition for problem solving
  • The role of motivation for successful use of intuition
  • In class practice using the P.A.T. technique to access intuitive information

In addition to the above, students will learn:

  • Mind Travel Technique
  • Discerning health concerns
  • Psychometry with photos and objects
  • Learn and practice face to face intuitive consultations
  • Astral Geometries
  • Procedures to strengthen self-esteem
What You will Receive:
  • Live Training and practice with the instructor and classmates
  • Students will receive an energetic activation of the ?Intuitive Bridge" from Connie Newton, the founder of P.A.T., for the rapid awakening of the intuition.
  • P.A.T. On-Line training workbook, CD, video instruction
  • Hands-on practice with checking and re-checking of learned skills to insure your success with the technique
  • Personalized instruction in all 4 segments to insure your success
You will need: 
  • A computer and web camera
  • USB headset with microphone
  • Private space to facilitate learning

Students who successfully complete Segments 1 - 4 will receive

Certification as a Perceptive Awareness Technique Graduate 

 P.A.T. On-Line Training Schedule

November 16 - 19, 2017
           January 18 - 21, 2018
February 1 - 4, 2018

Segment 1 & 2:  5:30 - 9:30 pm EST

                                          Segment 3 & 4: 12:30 - 4:00 pm EST                                          


On-line Training Tuition:  $550.00 (due 3 weeks prior to class) 

                  Tuition may be paid by check or money order (credit cards accepted through PayPal)

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» I'm pleased to say that I took Susan's PAT workshop and am so glad that I did. I went into the class being skeptical and doubting that I could do it - but was pleasantly surprised when her techniques worked for me.

Susan is an excellent teacher, explains things in a simple and logical style, and uses repetition and practice to help remember and use the techniques. Her class is excellent, I highly recommend it.    

                                                -M.J.C., Knoxville, TN


»  Finally finding a source and tools to regain use of my intuition will help my self   esteem and self confidence. Hopefully as I practice, gaining confidence and strength so I can aid others. Thank you for putting this together and making it available.

                -Naomi S.                                                                                    (Telecommunications Specialist), VA